All-Inclusive Homeschool Curriculum 101

Whether you're just getting started homeschooling or are looking into revamping your homeschool, an all-inclusive homeschool curriculum is a great option to consider for your child's education. 

If you've done any amount of research into homeschool curricula, it is likely that you've come across so many options your head is probably spinning. 

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that there really are options for everyone. Usually, the hardest part is determining which option is right for you. 

Everything You Need to Know About All-Inclusive Homeschool Curriculum

  • What is an 'all-inclusive homeschool curriculum'?
Oftentimes an 'all-inclusive homeschool curriculum' is referred to as 'curriculum in a box', 'all-in-one' or 'boxed curriculum' because everything you'll need for the entire homeschool year (aside from a few items likely already in your home) is included inside the box your order is shipped in. 
  • Who is an all-inclusive homeschool curriculum right for?
Anyone can use an 'all-inclusive homeschool curriculum'. Many first-time homeschoolers find using this type of curriculum helpful as they start their homeschooling journey. Single or working parents also find an all-inclusive homeschool curriculum to be extremely helpful in educating their children. Families with independent, driven learners can benefit from using a 'boxed curriculum' as well. 

  • What are the benefits?

The benefits include, but are not limited to; one-stop shopping, lesson plans and schedules are often included, less expensive, fewer orders/books to keep track of, cohesive learning across subjects, less stress/planning for parents, allows flexibility, teach multiple grade levels at once and much more. 
  • Why you should consider an all-inclusive homeschool curriculum?
An all-inclusive homeschool curriculum is one of the easiest ways to homeschool. Nearly everything you need is provided in one box. From teacher's manuals to student workbooks, from activities to literature recommendations. This makes organization a breeze, planning and scheduling as easy as possible and a quality education achievable. 
  • Ways to use an all-inclusive homeschool curriculum
While an all-inclusive homeschool curriculum is designed to be open and go, there are other ways to use it as well. You can add or take away any components that you feel your child isn't ready for or is beyond. Some parents add more literature or activities, while others take some away. 

Homeschool Complete: A Complete Elementary All-Inclusive Homeschool Curriculum 

Our curriculum is designed to help you confidently teach your child. The detailed lesson plans cover all subject areas and are created around thematic units. 

Unit studies are a fun way to learn subject matter and increase your child’s understanding of the material. A variety of activities are provided throughout the curriculum because each child learns in a unique way.

Homeschool Complete is now available as a complete elementary homeschool curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th Grade.
Each grade level includes the following:
  • Documentation of skills taught within the unit study
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Step-by-step instructions for teaching your child
  • Activities for different learning styles
  • Enrichment activities to challenge advanced learners
  • Handwriting guidelines
  • Worksheets for practice with each lesson
  • Reading practice pages
  • Literature List
  • Materials List

The beauty of homeschooling is that you can customize your family's journey to meet the needs of your children. While this type of curriculum was designed to be open and go, that doesn't mean you have to follow it 100%. 

As with any homeschool curriculum, you take what you need and leave out what you don't. Reorganize your schedule, replace activities, add field trips and much more. You know your children best. 

An all-inclusive homeschool curriculum can give you peace of mind and give your children a quality education. 


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