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10 Homeschool Resources that Save You Money

A Unit Study Based Curriculum is Inexpensive Whether you choose to use an organized program that is unit study based, or want to design your own unit studies each school year, using the unit study method is an effective education choice as well inexpensive. 
We all know that the quality of any education program is not determined by the amount of dollars spent. The flexibility and creativity of unit studies allows you to spend less money while your children learn more.

Once you and your children have chosen a topic to base your study around, you are ready for the fun and learning to begin. 
Here are ten educational resources to use in your homeschool that will save you money!
Cooking Cooking and baking with your kids as part of your lessons is beneficial in about a million ways! Kids are learning life skills. Once your kids are proficient in the kitchen parents enjoy the benefit of having another cook in the house. Children love the kitchen and the treats they can concoct there but yo…

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