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Fun Summer Learning

Fun summer learning is important to your child's education. Have you considered how you'll keep your kids learning while enjoying the long summer days? While the idea of kids entertaining themselves all summer long and taking a break from homeschooling is wonderful, it doesn't always work out that way.  Expecting children of any age to find things to do on their own for 8+ hours a day is unrealistic in most circumstances.  Getting outside and moving is essential for kids, and summer is often the best time to do that for most people for a couple of main reasons.  Schedules are looser as most formal homeschooling has been completed for the year, and the weather is better for outdoor activities.  Homeschooling in the summertime may not sound fun for you as the homeschool mom or your kids, but done in the right way it can be!  Summertime homeschooling should not look the same as your normal homeschooling schedule. There should be a lot more flexibility with your curriculum and

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