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Holiday Homeschooling with Unit Studies

Before you know it, the holiday season will be here. Have you considered how you'll combine homeschooling with the holidays? The easiest way, in our opinion, is to embrace holiday homeschooling with unit studies! Often the holidays are a season that we look forward to arriving. However, their beauty seems to diminish as our schedules grow busier with the arrival of the holiday season. Add in homeschooling to the mix and it can be near impossible for some of us to keep up.  Yet, holiday homeschooling doesn't have to add to our stress, in fact, it can diminish it if we plan accordingly.  Everyone's planning method looks and works differently. After all, flexibility is the beauty of homeschooling, right? It may seem silly to be considering holiday homeschool plans in advance, especially for those of you that don't typically put together formal plans. Still, having ideas to make holiday homeschooling enjoyable for your kids and easy for you is important to a less stressful

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