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Christmas Unit Study Review

  CHRISTMAS UNIT STUDY REVIEW: Dive into the magic of the holiday season with our exciting Christmas Unit Study! Yvonne from The Life We Build just completed this unit study with her children and wrote a review on her experience.  "Christmas is the favorite holiday in our home. Not because of the presents that we get on Christmas morning but because of all the wonderful things that surround the season. The beauty of homeschooling is being able to learn around our daily lives. During the Christmas holiday, we want to focus our household on the birth of Jesus and the spirit of giving. Sure, reading and math are important but so is giving and learning about the birth of Jesus. This is why we take a different approach during the Christmas season in our homeschool learning. We don’t take an extended break (although our kids might think it’s a break because all the learning activities seem so fun and festive). Instead, we just change our activities to be more focused around the season a

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