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Build Your Own Bundle of Unit Studies

BYB Flash Sale is On the Way! At this point, you are either as excited as I am, or saying "What is the 'Build Your Bundle' sale?"

What is BYB? In case you didn't know, the "Build Your Bundle" - Homeschool Edition Sale is a great way to save on homeschooling materials including Homeschool Complete Unit Studies. The sale allows you to get deep discounts on homeschool e-books, tools for planning, learning resources, and curricula for your family!

The "bundles" are made up of digital educational products from well-known, popular publishers and are a great way to discover new favorites.

You can choose from thematic bundles including the Unit Studies ones which will include select unit studies from Homeschool Complete.

Not only can you save huge, if you prefer, you can build your own bundle of items by picking and choosing only what you want.

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