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Tips & Tools to Customize Your Homeschool Curriculum

Tips & Tools to Customize Your Homeschool For many homeschool families, one of the biggest wins is that they can customize each child's learning plan every year.

That means that students are able to move at their own pace. Of course, it also means that at any given time during the school year, homeschool students (and parents) are likely to be confused by the question "What grade are you in?" since they may be using different levels of curricula in their various subjects.

Children who have strengths in a particular area can move ahead, and those who need to review skills can focus on that. Homeschooling allows them to learn and grow in each subject when they are ready.

Purchasing a homeschool curriculum can be a confusing prospect sometimes. It has to be flexible enough to cover and review beginning skills and yet needs to be expandable to challenge children who are ready to move on.

That flexibility is built-in with the unit study method. Unit studies allow your ch…

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