Grab a deck of cards, and have fun with this easy-to-play game for all ages! 

Object of the Game: 

  • Be the first to get rid of all of your cards in each round and to have the lowest total score at the end of the game.


  • Use one deck of cards for every two players.
  • Place all of the cards face down on a table and “shuffle” them by spreading them around randomly. Each player chooses one card to determine who plays first in the game. The highest card plays first.
  • Each player selects 19 cards from the pile and keeps them face down on the table in front of him.
  • Each player places four of his cards facedown in a row in front of him.   
  • Each player then places one card face up on each of the facedown cards.

  • Each player picks up his remaining 11 cards and arranges them in numerical order in his hand. 
  • The remaining cards are set off to the side and are not used during the round.

Playing the Game:

  • The starting player places any number of matching cards in the center of the table. He may choose from the face-up cards, the cards in his hand, or both. Matching cards are determined by the number or value of the card, not the suit.
  • If the player plays less than four cards, the next person to the left plays any number of matching cards on the pile in the center. The card/s must be of the same value or lower than the cards of the previous player. If the player places a card that is higher than the previous card, that player must pick up the entire pile and his turn ends.
  • A set of four cards is a SWOOP. With each SWOOP, the cards played are swooped off the table. The player who made the SWOOP plays again and continues until he can no longer SWOOP the pile.
  • Playing continues to the left. Players ideally place either a matching card or a lower-value card than the one placed on the table. If not, he must still play a card. Because the card is higher than the cards in the pile, the player picks up the pile.
  • When one player is out of cards, the round ends and the score is totaled.

Facedown Cards:

  • A facedown card can only be played after the face-up card on top of it has been played.
  • When a facedown card is played, the player may also play any cards of the same value from his hand.

SWOOP Cards:

  • Jokers and 10s are SWOOP cards and may be played during a player’s turn to SWOOP the pile off the table.
  • The player then plays cards of his choice and continues until he can no longer SWOOP the pile.

Scoring (Beginner Level):

  • Aces and number cards: 5 points each
  • Face cards: 10 points each
  • SWOOP cards (Jokers and 10s): 50 points each

Scoring (Advanced Level):

  • Aces: 1 point each
  • Face cards: 10 points each
  • All other number cards: face value of each
  • SWOOP cards (Jokers and 10s): 50 points each

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