Fun Summer Learning

Fun summer learning is important to your child's education. Have you considered how you'll keep your kids learning while enjoying the long summer days?

While the idea of kids entertaining themselves all summer long and taking a break from homeschooling is wonderful, it doesn't always work out that way. 

Expecting children of any age to find things to do on their own for 8+ hours a day is unrealistic in most circumstances. 

Getting outside and moving is essential for kids, and summer is often the best time to do that for most people for a couple of main reasons. 

Schedules are looser as most formal homeschooling has been completed for the year, and the weather is better for outdoor activities. 

Homeschooling in the summertime may not sound fun for you as the homeschool mom or your kids, but done in the right way it can be! 

Summertime homeschooling should not look the same as your normal homeschooling schedule. There should be a lot more flexibility with your curriculum and schedule. 

Most of all, in the summer, your homeschooling should be focused on fun learning activities. 

Unit studies are a great resource for fun summer learning as they are short and centered on one main topic. 

The best way to get your children engaged in homeschooling in the summertime is to choose resources that concentrate on subjects and topics they are interested in already. 

Consider topics or subjects that your children talk about, read about, or participate in on their own. Sometimes a child's love for learning isn't seen because they aren't given the opportunity to learn about things that interest them. 

Summertime is the perfect time for sports, and all kids love to play games! Whether the summer Olympic Games are happening or you use this summer to teach your kids a new sport, you can easily combine your children's summer outdoor time with fun summer learning by using sports-themed unit studies. 

Studying sports, teaching and spending time with your kids playing sports will help fulfill any of your state's required Physical Education classes while making learning fun in the summertime. 

Homeschool Complete's sports-themed unit studies are perfect for fun summer learning. They're already put together for you making getting started and teaching a breeze. Kids will enjoy the activities inside and learn all about the sport they're studying. 

Olympic, Soccer and Baseball Homeschool Complete Unit Studies Feature
  • 3-week unit studies
  • Available as digital downloads or physical copies
  • Multi-grade level
  • Fully planned lessons
  • Easily adaptable
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Materials and literature lists
  • Worksheets 
You can view sample lessons, worksheets and skill lists for each of these unit studies through the links listed below. 

Whatever you choose to do to keep your kids learning this summer, be sure it is filled with fun for everyone! After all, the best way to inspire your kids to love learning is to make it fun! 


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