7 Ways to Make a Planner Work for You

Not everyone loves using a planner. For some it seems restrictive, others find that without a planner their family's lives spin into chaos. Whether you love putting plans on paper or not, there are many ways to make a planner work for you. 

When using a planner, it is essential to remember that it is a tool. Many people that prefer a relaxed lifestyle and schedule feel that a planner restricts them. However, if used properly it can actually help even the most relaxed homeschooler. 

How to Make a Planner Work for You

  • Organization
The most obvious reason to use a planner is for organization. When you're homeschooling your children, taking care of your home, cooking for your family, paying bills, etc. there is a lot to balance and track. A planner can help you do all of those things and more! 

  • Homeschooling
Whether you are homeschooling one or multiple children, there are several subjects to plan out each week. Experiments to prepare for, craft supplies you need to purchase and assignments your students need to complete. Using a planner can make a significant difference in every homeschool mom's life. 
  • Meal Planning
It is easy to get busy completing things that need to be done throughout your day and before you know it, your kids are hungry for lunch or your husband is home from work and ready for dinner. By using a planner that includes a meal planning section, you can ensure you're ready for every meal of the day in the morning with one quick glance. 

  • Faith
Throughout the day you may receive phone calls, emails or text messages from family and friends asking you to pray for them. In the busyness of a day, it is easy to forget those requests. Having a planner allows you to have a place to record a prayer request and ensure that you remember it throughout the week. 

  • Finances
Sticking to a budget is important for most families. Spending too much in one area of your life will offset the rest of your finances for the month. Utilizing a budget sheet in a planner can help you keep your finances in order on a monthly basis. 

  • Goals
Setting goals for ourselves and our children is important to our growth. There are many types of goals that you can set; academic, social, spiritual, etc. Once we've set goals it is helpful to be reminded of them periodically to ensure that we are moving forward. A goal tracker within a planner is a helpful way to do just that. 

  • Chores
Teaching children responsibility through chores is not only helpful to you, but it is needful for them. You do not make all the messes, create all the clutter or dirty all the dishes and laundry on your own. Children need to be taught to be helpful and responsible. A planner that includes a chore chart can be extremely helpful to you and your children. 

These are just a few ways that you can make a planner work for you. It is a tool that can be customized to you and your family's lifestyle. 

Just remember, a tool is useful. It isn't meant to bog you down or overwhelm you. 

A complete planner will contain all of the resources mentioned above and more. That does not mean that you have to utilize every resource, just the ones that you need and work for you. 

Happy planning! 


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