Learn About Asia and National Parks With Complete Unit Studies

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Save on the Parks Unit Study

In honor of National Parks Week you can get a discount on the Parks Unit Study from Homeschool Complete curriculum.

If you are looking for activities for a screen-free week or a unit study to try out, this is a really well-organized program with lots of teaching guidance and all your planning done.

Like all the individual unit studies, it includes integrated subjects where appropriate and yet allows students to make their own connections.

This is perfect to combine with a field trip to a local or state park! The flexible scheduling allows you to easily adjust your homeschool days to include as many of the activities as you want.

All the subjects are covered including handwriting practice, reading, science, math, art, Bible and P. E.- you will discover lots of ways to integrate the subjects on your own with your children, but the author has included guidance for you as the homeschool parent too.

Use the discount code HCPKSPRO at checkout on HomeschoolComplete.com to get 10% off either the download or the printed and shipped copy. This discount is good until May 20, 2019, but contact us by email  or messenger to ask about additional discounts if you are reading this after the expiration date!

Get the Asia Unit Study ~ Discounted Now

The Asia unit study from Complete Unit Studies is full of fascinating information about the animals, history, geography, art, and economics of Asia. Students in third and fourth grades will be learning with a combination of hands-on activities, literature, and worksheets for review. 

This unit study includes plans for cooking with your kids and some fun fine arts activities. It's a huge 106 pages of material. It's a true unit study with lesson plans and a skills list. Like all the Complete Unit Studies it's flexible. You can use it for a full two weeks. Simply expand the unit along with your student's interests and move quickly through any material they already know, leaving you time for more real learning. 

There are easy lessons and lessons that are more difficult so that you are able to teach your children at their level or add multiple students with a little adjustment.


The Homeschool Complete Unit Studies all focus on using hands-on activities, games and integrating real-life experiences. Learning games like Bingo, card games, and fun worksheets reinforce and review those skills.

Take a look inside the fully-planned Asia unit study:

Get the download right away or order a copy printed and shipped. You still get the discount - just use the code HCAS10 when you check out before May 13, 2019.

Remember if you have questions about unit studies or want to find additional resources to add to a unit, you can join us at the Facebook Group "Homeschooling With Unit Studies" or sign up for once a month emails from Homeschool Complete and also stay informed about the latest discounts and promotions. 

Written By: Merit Kirkpatrick


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