Olympics Unit Study

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Learn About the Olympics

The Olympics Unit Study Bundle includes the unit study guide, which incorporates all the academic subjects and many elective subjects as well. The lessons are fully-planned for you and revolve around the topic of the Olympics.

These literature-based unit studies from the Homeschool Complete curriculum use hands-on activities and projects, fun books, and worksheets to help guide you in teaching your homeschool student.

The parent's guide helps you teach and facilitate each learning experience and lets you know ahead of time what you will need for each activity, so it is easy to open the book and gather the materials you need from your local library and household.

The material is well-organized and simple to use for the parents and makes learning fun for the whole family. Take a look here to learn more about the Olympics Unit and the fun topics that are covered.

This unit study is appropriate for students in grades 3-6 and has activities at each level so you can easily include multiple children of different ages!

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